Thousands of Islamists protest on Egyptian streets

imgThousands of supporters of overthrown Islamist president Mohamed Morsi took to the streets in towns and cities across Egypt on Tuesday evening to denounce Egypt’s new military-backed rulers – their second show of mass support in four days.

Marking exactly two months since Egypt’s first democratically elected leader was ousted by the army after big protests, marchers turned out in cities in the Nile Delta, in Upper Egypt and on the Suez Canal, as well as the capital, Cairo.

The army-led government has launched a furious crackdown on Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood since toppling him on July 3, arresting its top leaders and killing hundreds of his supporters.

But after a brief lull, and despite a heavy security presence, Islamist groups brought thousands onto the streets again after last Friday’s prayers. There were sporadic clashes with security forces, notably in Cairo, and at least seven people died.

There were no immediate reports of violence at Tuesday’s marches, held under the slogan “The Coup is Terrorism” – a reference to the government’s portrayal of its campaign to crush the Brotherhood as a fight against Islamist terrorism.

In Cairo’s Nasr City, near the presidential palace, hundreds of Brotherhood supporters waving Brotherhood flags chanted “Revolution, revolution, the revolution will continue!” and “Down, down with military rule!”.

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