Serbs to participate municipal election in Kosovo

Serb representatives decided to participate in forthcoming Nov. 3 municipal election in Kosovo, as they respected midnight deadline of Wednesday Sept. 4 to submit certification request at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kosovo.

A total of 99 political entities applied for elections, 18 of them from Kosovo Serb community.

The head of Kosovo District, Vladeta Kostic, submitted the joint list of Serb community named “Citizens Initiative Serbia” for 24 municipalities, including four municipalities in the disputed north. Though, the naming might be disputed by CEC, which will probably seriously consider it before certifying Serb joint election list.

“I sincerely hope that the name of our citizens’ initiative will not insult anyone’s national feeling, because personally I have a friend named Alban and his name does not offend my national feelings. Therefore I see no reason why our name should not be accepted by CEC, “said Kostic.

Apart from the north, other Serbs political entities south of Iber/Ibar River provided independent election lists.

However, the Citizens’ Initiative Serbia has the support from Belgrade, since the participation of Serbs in Nov. 3 elections is a deal reached in the EU-facilitated dialogue on April 19, between the prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia, Hashim Thaqi and Ivica Dacic.

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