UN chief, Iranian FM discuss nuclear programme and Syrian conflict

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon late Wednesday discussed with Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif Iran’s nuclear programme and the conflict in Syria.

The Secretary-General “welcomed the generally favourable impressions and messages that had been conveyed in recent days,” Ban’s press office said in a statement, referring to Iran’s recent overture and positive statements.

Ban briefed Zarif on the speedy deployment of the joint UN Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Mission to Syria on chemical weapons and their first day on the job, according to the statement.

Ban insisted that both the Syrian Government and opposition should attend the Geneva II Peace Conference on Syria on the basis of the communique of June 2012 about a political transition in Syria.

On the Syrian Opposition, Ban underlined the importance of a “single and united” delegation on the opposition side to attend the proposed conference.

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