Inzko warns Bosnian tension could escalate

imgAn eventual escalation of tension in Bosnia might result in intervention of EU forces, a high official warned Sunday.

Valentin Inzko, High Representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, told Austrian media that the situation in the country will be analyzed next Tuesday.

“Austria will increase its troops there, but if it comes to escalation we would have to consider the intervention of EU forces. Currently, we do not have such intention,” Inzko said for the Austrian Kurier newspaper.

“For many years people did not protest because for them the peace after the war, with more than 100 000 killed was very important,” he explained.

“It all began in the town of Tuzla, where workers have not been paid for over a year. The have been protesting every Wednesday, but no one paid attention to them,” Inzko said adding that the current situation is Bosnia is the worst since 1995.


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