NATO warns Russia on Moldova

Top military commander of NATO said on Sunday Russia had developed a “very important” power on its border with Ukraine and Moscow may have a region of Moldova in its sights.

Russia was more as an adversary than a partner , Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, the U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove said , and the alliance should rethink the positioning and preparation of its forces in Eastern Europe East.

“The strength of Russia is now the Ukrainian border to the east is very, very important and very, very ready,” said the commander of NATO.

Breedlove was one of the officials and Western politicians to warn Sunday that Russia can not stop there in a crisis that took the East-West relations swerved toward the Cold War.

He added that NATO was very concerned about the threat of Transnistria, which declared its independence from Moldova in 1990, but was not recognized by a member of the United Nations. About 30 percent of its half- million population is of Russian origin.

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