Hezbollah-Israel clashes intensify as fears grow of all-out war in Lebanon

The situation on the Israel-Lebanon border is worsening, all while US efforts to reach a cease-fire in Gaza have yet to lead to a deal.

Israeli jets on Thursday struck Hezbollah targets in Lebanon following a larger-than-usual rocket attack by the group, accelerating fears of an all-out war despite US warnings.

The Israeli military said that its air force struck Hezbollah infrastructure in southeast Lebanon’s Deir Seryan. Earlier, the Israeli military said Hezbollah launched 40 projectiles toward northern Israel. Some were intercepted, but others landed and caused fires, the military said in statements.

Hezbollah said it targeted six Israeli military sites with missiles and three other bases with explosive-laden drones. The strikes, which Hezbollah said hit their targets, were in “response to the assassination” carried out on Tuesday, the group’s Al-Manar news outlet reported.

On Tuesday, an Israeli strike killed Hezbollah commander Taleb Sami Abdullah, the highest-ranking official killed since the start of the hostilities on Oct. 7. The attack prompted Hezbollah to fire more than 215 rockets toward Israel on Wednesday.

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