EP president says EU remains committed to resolving medics’ case in Libya

European Parliament (EP) President Hans-Gert Poettering said Friday (June 22nd) that the EU remains committed to resolving the case of six medics – five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor who has been granted Bulgarian citizenship – who face death sentences in Libya for allegedly infecting hundreds of children with …

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Kosovo Parliament adopts law on new travel documents

PRISTINA, Kosovo, Serbia — Parliament passed a law Thursday (June 21st) on travel documents, which aims to provide the public with highly secure passports, similar to those in Western European countries. Interior Minister Blerim Kuci says the law includes stiff fines for forgery or misuse.

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Britain to review immigration rules for Bulgarians, Romanians

LONDON, United Kingdom — The government announced on Thursday (June 21st) that it is planning to review rules restricting the hiring of Bulgarian and Romanian workers. Under current regulations, Britain admits no more than 20,000 unskilled workers from both countries as well as a limited number of skilled professionals and …

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