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Video of BBC’s reporter released

On Friday, June 1, the first video of BBC reporter Alan Johnston was released, since he was kidnapped 80 days ago. Palestinian government and his family made pleas for his immediate release. “First of all, my captors have treated me very well,” said a pale Johnston, wearing a red sweatshirt …

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Bosnian Serbs Turn in Mladic Aide

After 12 years of almost no cooperation with the Hague tribunal, Bosnian Serb police finally arrest war crimes suspect wanted by the court. One of three most wanted war crimes fugitives sought by the Hague tribunal, Bosnian Serb army general Zdravko Tolimir, was arrested this week near the eastern Bosnian …

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Russian Energy: Grabbing the Ring

Consolidation is the catchphrase in the Russian energy industry. The government is aggressively taking back centralized control over the entire sector, and has already completed the reintegration of one-time powerhouses such as Yukos and Sibneft into state structures. The pace of this centralization is about to quicken as power struggles …

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