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Caucazul in contextul geopolitic euroasiatic

Scurtă istorie a Caucazului. Caucazul între geopolitica rivalităţii ÅŸi noul regionalism. Caucazul secolului XX Caucazul secolului XXI Structura geopolitică ÅŸi geoeconomică  a Caucazului Scurtă istorie a Caucazului.            Istoria Caucazului modern începe în secolul al XVI-lea, o dată cu intrarea Rusiei în acest spaÅ£iu. ÃŽn anul 1850 generalul Rostilaev Faedev …

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Stalin would be proud of him

Feared by his people, his neighbours and the West, Russia’s President Putin is ruthlessly rebuilding the Soviet Empire. The tragedy, as he hosts his country’s first ever G8 summit this week, is that we are letting it happen.

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The Cold War is back

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, is leading his country back into the dark ages of Soviet totalitarianism and instigating a global confrontation between Russia and the United States — as well as between Russia and the West as a whole.  The Russian President has consistently rolled back democratic …

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