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Ayatollah Putin

The meaning of Sunday’s Russian parliamentary elections is not to be found in the results. There was never any doubt that Vladimir Putin’s party would take an overwhelming majority. United Russia, with the president at the top of its list, enjoyed every imaginable advantage, legal and illegal. Opposition groups, including …

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Russia goes to the polls

BARNAUL, Russia (Reuters) – Russians voted on Sunday in a parliamentary election widely viewed as a referendum on President Vladimir Putin and overshadowed by opposition accusations that pro-Kremlin forces enjoy an unfair advantage.

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«Спасение только в сепаратизме: сибирском, ростовском, уральском, питерском»

По всей кровавой империи ширится сепаратистское движение под лозунгом — «Смерь кровавой чекистской России!».   Русскоговорящие оккупанты в ужасе, они не знают, что

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