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Russia and US to hold first nuclear talks since Ukraine war

Russia said it will hold talks with the U.S. from late November to early December in Cairo about inspections of atomic weapons sites under the New START treaty, a first step toward reviving broader arms-control talks suspended since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The consultations in the Egyptian capital will …

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The Russian Air War and Ukrainian Requirements for Air Defence

Further Western support is needed to ensure that Kyiv can counter Moscow’s updated approach to the air war in Ukraine. Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) conducted significantly more extensive fixed-wing strike operations during the first days of the invasion than has been previously documented, while Ukrainian ground-based air-defence (GBAD) capabilities were …

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UK to complete delivery of 1,000 more surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine

The assistance seeks to protect Ukraine’s key infrastructure from Russian attacks. UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed that the country will soon conclude the supply of 1,000 more surface-to-air missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The military assistance seeks to strengthen the Ukrainian troops’ air defence capabilities to shield …

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