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Expansion of Houthi Activities in the Red Sea

During the past two months the activities of the Houthis in Yemen have expanded. They have continued attacking targets they define as “Israeli” or “supporting Israel,” mainly vessels sailing in the Red Sea on sea lanes passing through Israel, and have declared their intention to expand their attacks to the …

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France Saves Europe.

Again. In a manner of speaking. We are now in the degenerate phase of the Ukrainian crisis, and more especially in the sorry and pathetic story of the West’s collective attempts to manage it. Western political leaders are in zombie mode, staggering forward in various states of disrepair, blundering on …

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Washington Hits Syrian Narco-Trade With New Sanctions

The United States imposed sanctions Tuesday on five Syrian targets for supporting the Assad regime in Syria by trafficking illegal drugs. The sanctions reflect the Biden administration’s continuing efforts over the past 12 months to respond more proactively to the Syrian narco-trade. The production and trafficking of the amphetamine-like drug …

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