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Transhumanism – Analysis

The theory of “the obsolescence of man” has become one of the most aggressive social and anthropological theories in the contemporary world, reckoning with man as a human and natural being. The established ideological sphere of capitalism produces an anthropological model that becomes the basis of man’s self-understanding. Instead of …

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Ukraine Military Situation: Russian Forces Make Significant Battlefield Advances And Tactical Gains – Analysis

Battlefield AssessmentLast week, Moscow’s widening artillery advantage and Kyiv’s stumbling mobilization efforts allowed Russian forces to make significant battlefield advances and tactical gains on multiple fronts. In the meantime, Russian air and missile strikes continued to pound major Ukrainian population centers. Russian and Ukrainian forces engaged in heavy clashes and …

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Iran Update, May 3, 2024

The Houthi movement said it will expand targeting of maritime shipping into the Mediterranean Sea, which is probably part of an Iranian-led effort to impose an unofficial economic blockade on Israel. The Houthi movement announced on May 3 that it will begin targeting ships in the eastern Mediterranean that are …

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