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Israeli air defenses are not ‘Untouchable’

Iran’s recent military strikes have exposed weaknesses in Israel’s ‘advanced’ air defense systems, overturning assumptions of their invulnerability while showcasing Tehran’s strategic pivot from ‘patience’ to ‘active deterrence.’ In the movie The Untouchables, there’s a scene where a member of the so-called “untouchables” federal investigative team is killed inside an …

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Influence de la Chine et de la Russie en Afrique : les États-Unis confrontés à un obstacle militaire inattendu

Un monde de plus en plus multipolaire signifie que l’influence de Washington sur le continent va diminuer à mesure que d’autres partenaires stratégiques émergeront, notamment la Russie et la Chine, estime Westen K. Shilaho. Justified Accord 2024, le plus grand exercice du Commandement des États-Unis pour l’Afrique (AFRICOM) en Afrique …

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U.S. Legislators Move to Sanction Iranian Leaders, Oil Trade

Latest Developments The U.S. House of Representatives passed a package of four national security bills on April 20. In addition to providing security funding to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, the bills include bipartisan provisions targeting Iran’s oil trade, its senior leadership, and their assets. The package includes other important measures, …

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