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Kirkuk drowned in blood: where are peshmarga forces

Coalition forces are directly supporting terrorists, settled Arabs and former Ba’athists By Farhad Muhammad, Govari Gulan, Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli The fire of terrorism has been extended to Kurdistan too. No day passes without tens of citizens becoming the victims of terrorism in Kirkuk, but still the political leadership …

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In the name of God

Thousands were fleeing, some on foot, others in cars. Chaos was every where. Some women were screaming while young men were shouting words that depicted cursing, swearing, and here and there threats of vengeance. But the majority of these people, who have turned their backs on their homes, some of …

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PKK is not Hezbollah

Turkey says that Israel’s recent action in Lebanon to stop Hezbollah attacks means that Turkey should be allowed to take similar steps against Kurdish guerrillas operating from northern Iraq against Turkish forces.

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