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The Cold War is back

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, is leading his country back into the dark ages of Soviet totalitarianism and instigating a global confrontation between Russia and the United States — as well as between Russia and the West as a whole.  The Russian President has consistently rolled back democratic …

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32 More Russians, Puppets Terminated, Wounded in Chechnya

On June27 to June 28, thirty two  Russian kafirs (infidels) and munafiqs (traitors) were terminated and wounded in different firefights and military divervion operations on the territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, report Kavkaz Center sources in the Chechen Command. Mujahideen were most actrve in districts Vedeno, Nozhai Yurt,

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Baghdad car bomb kills 66

BAGHDAD (AP) — A huge car bomb exploded Saturday at a bustling outdoor market in a Shiite district of Baghdad, killing at least 66 people and injuring about 100 in the deadliest attack since the new national unity government took office six weeks ago.

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