HAMAS Accuses Abbas of Attempting Coup

4777_1.jpgThe ruling party in Palestine, HAMAS, accused Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of preparing a coup against the government.

HAMAS spokesman Mushir al Masri spoke about Abbas’ calling a referendum on July 26 on a statehood plan, which means recognizing the Israeli state with the Palestinian state, and claimed Abbas is preparing a coup against HAMAS.

“This is an attempt to incite an uprising in Palestine and to violate laws,” Masri said, adding that the referendum will cause historical division among Palestinians. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah also stated a referendum would incite division in Palestine.

 Abbas said he would call a referendum on July 26 for a plan that recognizes Israel’s right to exist.

 “Palestinians living in Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza have been called for a referendum on July 26 to vote on the national unity document, and prisoners’ plan,” Abbas told.

 The document prepared by Palestinian detainees at Israeli jails demands forming a national unity government, ending attacks against Israel, and establishing a Palestinian state beside Israel on the lands occupied by Israel in 1967.

 HAMAS stated a referendum is not allowed in the Constitution, and accused Abbas of blocking the HAMAS government.

 Abbas, on the other hand, stressed there is no law in the Constitution that bans a referendum.

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