Muslim-Christian Coexistence No More Disturbed by Pope’s Statements

A0231668.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Tehran’s interim Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Imami Kashani said both Muslims and Christians are seeking a peaceful life beside each other and the recent provocative statements of Pope Benedict XVI can no more impair Muslim-Christian relations and coexistence.

“Peace is the message of both Christianity and Islam,” the ayatollah underlined while addressing a large congregation of worshipers at Tehran University Campus.

He warned the world Muslims and Christians that the recent Islamophobic remarks of the Pope are detrimental to both Islam and Christianity, harming the interests and peaceful relations of Muslims and Christians.

This week’s interim Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran said that the West has been devising complicated and deliberate plans to destroy Islam, and added, “Of course, it a long time that West has been planning to damage Islam at any possible way and disperse Muslims and it is nothing new.”

“Making anti-Islam remarks by the top politicians of the world arrogance is not new but it was the first time that a prominent religious leader was making such comments willingly or unwillingly and consciously or unconsciously,” he continued.

Urging the world Muslims to show full vigilant to defuse all plots of the enemies,
the cleric reminded that a long time ago, another pope made the same provocative statements against Muslims which led into two centuries of war and bloodshed, saying that the same plans are exercised against the Islamic community in the contemporary era.

He said the Islamic world is currently facing a situation where the world arrogance, West in particular, has set different plans to distort the image of Islam among the world nations.

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