Presence of US Troops in Iraq Only Determined by Iraqi Parliament

A0160705.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The political advisor of the Shiite Majority Fraction in the Iraqi parliament Mohsen Hakim, noting the recent remarks of the country’s President Jalal Talebani, said that the Parliament is the only authority to decide about continued presence of the US troops in Iraq.

Speaking to FNA, he said the issue is nothing personal while it could neither be determined by one single person, and added, “This must be decided by the entire Iraqi people, and the right place to talk about it is the parliament, where a majority of the Iraqi groups and parties are present.”

Meantime, he said that the issue has not yet been raised at the parliament, and continued, “But the UN Security Council Resolution 1546 which rules for the presence of the Multinational forces in Iraq will be revised in October 2006, and then the Iraqi parliament will decide if the presence of the multinational troops is a necessity for our country or not.”

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