Mullahs’ long arm reached U.S. Eastern shore

An alarming series of arrests by the FBI alerted everyone wondering how far the arms of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its subordinate Quds Force can extend.Following the recent revelations about the plan to blow up the JFK fuel pipeline from New Jersey, the mullahs’ fingerprints were found all over.

On June 3, it was announced that two suspects of the JFK bombing were arrested in Trinidad and Tobago. A 55-year-old man identified as Abdul-Qader was on his way to Venezuela to get a visa from Iranian embassy in that country.

Abdul-Qader was a close friend of a man named Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi whose body was discovered in 2003 near Georgetown, the Guyana’s capital, buried in a ditch filled with sand.  In 1981, the Center for Islamic Studies in Qom dispatched Ebrahimi who was fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish to Guyana as the Director of College for Islamic Studies and Friday prayer leader for Shiites there.

At that time Ebrahimi reported directly to a high ranking mullah, member of the Iranian regime’s Assembly of Experts, and Prosecutor General, Ali Namazi.  His true mission however was to pave the way for the Quds Force units to recruit and train in that Caribbean island and later in the U.S.

In his years in Guyana, he was in constant contact with the following people:

•    The regime ambassador Ahmad Sobhani in Venezuela;
•    Abdul-Qader former member of Guyana’s parliament;
•    Dr. Mohsen Nakhez, a citizen of Trinidad;
•    An engineer named Esmail Loqman, a citizen of Trinidad;
•    Robert Holly Musa, from Georgetown College;
•    An employee of Guyana College, Ali Ashraf

Subsequent to Ebrahimi’s murder in the woods of Georgetown’s suburbs, a hit squad from the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) was dispatched to Guyana to investigate his death. The squad commander was a man with an alias Habib Ansari who introduced himself as an uncle of Ebrahimi’s wife. In their investigation, they came across a group named Phantom, connected to the island’s Interior Ministry. The report said that the assassination was carried out by Phantom in cooperation with the U.S.  

Abdul-Qader was well connected to the regime’s intelligence underworld. He traveled to Iran on a number of occasions and met with various people in the regime including:

•    The regime’s former ambassador to Venezuela, Morteza Tavasoli;
•    Ali Salehi, the regime’s former Ambassador-at-Large in Latin American countries;
•    An agent of the mullahs whose identity was not revealed in Canada;

JFK case is the tip of the iceberg the mullahs have in mind for the rest of the world. An ideal which stems from Khamenei’s vision of an Islamic Empire extending from the Middle East to Australia’s door steps.   

Reza Shafa is an expert on the Iranian regime’s intelligence networks, both in Iran and abroad. He has done extensive research on VAVAK (MOIS), IRGC’s Intelligence Office, and Quds Force among others. Currently he is a contributor to NCRI website.

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