Montenegro’s Rocen says meet EU standards, then set accession deadlines

PODGORICA, Montenegro — Foreign Minister Milan Rocen said on Tuesday (June 19th) that the government is working to meet EU criteria, and views these as more important than setting deadlines for accession. His statement came in a speech at an international conference in Podgorica on an integrated approach to asylum, migration and visa management in the Western Balkans. “We are dedicated to the implementation of European values and standards, and [EU] candidacy and membership would come logically,” Rocen said. He added that the opening of EU borders for the younger generation would contribute to broader regional consensus on the common strategic goals of Euro-Atlantic integration.

In other news, Montenegrin Interior Minister Jusuf Kalamperovic said in Wednesday’s edition of the daily Dan that local police would not hesitate to apprehend any indictee wanted by the UN tribunal, if located on Montenegrin territory. Last week, former Serbian General Vlastimir Djordjevic, wanted for war crimes in Kosovo, was arrested in Montenegro and extradited to The Hague.

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