US Opposing Iran for Internal Failures

A017501510.jpgA distinguished American political analyst, Anthony Silvan Pool, says the US’ anti-Iran distressful efforts stem from internal violence in the White House and the political challenges the country is facing. “The US President George W. Bush is facing countless opposition domestically and his popularity rate is drastically fading. The US people, the congress, Central Intelligence Agency and many US institutions in Iraq know quite well the area of the US failure and strongly oppose yet greater defeat, i.e. in case of possible strike on Iran,” said Silvan.

He said formerly there was a 70 percent likelihood that the US would target Iran’s nuclear centers but the possibility has much lowered because Bush is now under tough conditions regarding less than one year remaining to the end of his presidential tenure and many Republicans are distancing themselves from him and would not allow him to launch any likely attack on the Middle Eastern state.

He said the US should have acted more prudently in dealing with Iranians during their Iraq visit on an invitation by the Iraqi government and it should have shown no hostile approach.

Elsewhere in the interview, Silvan said, “Iran will continue to stick to its nuclear stand and is ready for negotiation. The UN nuclear monitoring director general Mohammed ElBaradei, meanwhile, has stressed transparency of its nuclear program.”

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