About 100 Mujahideen entered Kurchaloi

3_11.jpgKC source reported that a group of Mujahideen up to 100 fighters entered village of Kurchali on the night of November 11. By blocking the main entrances to the village and setting up mobile check points, a group of Mujahideen entered the house of a local Chechen murtad or apostate (the name is being specified) to put into effect a judgment of Shariah Court – the extreme penalty. But the murtad was managed to escape. More than 200 crimes against civilians and Mujahideen is under the belt of this Kadyrovan.

 Mujahideen moved out from the house relatives of the murtad, destroyed property and the house of invaders’ stooge.

 Local residents said that Mujahideen behaved calmly, they were not in hurry, entered into conversations with people, explaining the purpose of the operation.

 Residents of Kurchaloi also said that none of Kadyrovans not even tried to get out of their shelters in their base, despite the fact that the Mujahideen had called on them to withdraw from their asylum.

 The commander of Mujahideen group told local residents told that, the unit has no aim to attack murtads in their base. The action was a demonstration and was intended to show to the murtads who are working to the kafirs that sooner or later some one will come after them and severely punish.

 After checking several more houses Mujahideen left the village.

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