Nazran: Opposition step back

34_11.jpgAccording to sources from Wilayah Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) of the Caucasus Emirate, on 18 Muharram 1429 (26 January 2008) thousands of people went out to the streets of Nazran to participate in the rally, which was previously announced by anti-Zyazikov’s opposition.Around 10 am in the morning the first collision occurred between the participants of the rally and “OMON” special police gangs. Shooting was hearable at Saglasiya square. Combat chippers were flying over the city.


OMON members detained dozens of protesters after the demonstrators began to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at them. Several journalists were also detained.


Sources from Nazran reported that gunfire was heard in several parts of the city. Fire was occurred in Assa hotel and in the building of government newspaper “Serdalo”. The opposition believes that the fire was set by Zyazikov’s people in order to accuse the organizers of the rally.


The protestors have managed to break through the cordon area and take Saglasiya square. The first attack was repulsed by OMON. A group of young people, participants of the rally, took positions in the center of the square, pushing off OMON. One person had incurred a gunshot.


However towards 12 am organizers of rally have suddenly called people to stop the rally and return to their homes. In statement, which was distributed in Nazran, the Organizing Committee of the action stated:


“Today, the authorities have blocked the Soglasiya square in Nazran by troops and heavy equipment and did not allow people to gather at the peace rally in support of Putin’s course on the fight against corruption and terrorism. The local authorities once again went to provocations in an attempt to cause riots in Nazran, then accuse organizers of the rally.


The Organizing Committee has decided to cancel the rally and postpone it until 23 February. We ask all people who had gathered at a rally in Nazran, return to their homes “.


Thus, the anti-Zyazikov’s opposition again showed weakness and indecision. Like in last fall, by urging people to the rally, the opposition retreated at the first resistance by puppet authorities, once again leaving the people themselves to deal with “OMON” and “internal troops”.


Meanwhile, the remaining participants of the rally a total of about 1000 people said that they intend to march on Magas to protest Zyazikov in connection that he moved out troops against the people. However, the march did not hold.


The puppet government has cut off electricity in major parts of Nazran. The telephone service works intermittently.


Let us remind that the puppet police have been tried to block the movement of the people since morning. According to the opposition, the vehicles with people were stopping by puppet police. The mobile checkpoints intercepted buses and detransport the people.


But people were going to Nazran on foot (see photo).


The Nazran city has been sealed since last Friday after the occupation command announced that allegedly in connection with information on the preparation by the Mujahideen “major attacks” and “attacks on the administration buildings,” part of the territory of Ingushetia declared as “a zone of the counter-terrorist operation”.


Let us remind that such a statement was made by the Office of occupation gang group of FSB (Federal Security Service). A “zone of the counter-terrorist operation” was declared part of Nazran, Magas and outskirts of the town of Nesterovskaya since 10:00 am of 17 Muharram 1429 (25 January 2008).


During the whole time of the “terrorist operation” an “appropriate legal regime” will be introduced, stated in FSB statement.


In line with the law on “counter-terrorist operations”, a number of heightened security measures, including ID checks and restricted public and transport movement, have been introduced in the zone.


In response, the opposition called on the participants to break to Nazran on foot. At anti-Zyazikov’s website IngushetiyaRu the opposition stated:


“With regard to the information reported to the Organizing Committee on intention of the police and other uniformed services to cut off roads leading to Nazran, we ask all participants to focus rally in Nazran, accommodated with relatives and friends.


In the case of overlapping the entries in Nazran, we offer to enter the city on foot. Food and the necessary conditions to the participants of the rally, will be provided.”


Let us point out in this regards that anti-Zyazikov’s opposition threatened the ringleader of Ingush murtadin (apostates) Zyazikov that “the entire population of Ingushetia” is going to participate in Sunday rally.


The rally had been planned to hold in Nazran, in the Soglasiya Square, which is turned out to be in the “zone of the counter-terrorist operation”.


Let us remind competitors of the current puppet ringleader organized “a protest action against corruption, kidnappings and killings” under the slogan “in support of Putin’s course.”


Earlier, the opposition has claimed that the Russian kafirs (infidels) allegedly refused to participate to disperse the rally. However, the FSB statement and the actions of occupiers have shown the opposite.


According to opposition sources, the members of a gang “OMON of RF” also allegedly refused to disperse the rally, and Zyazikov called Kadyrov’s gangs.


Anti-Zyazikov’s opposition said that in response to the transport Kadyrovans to help Zyazik, a statement was made by other Chechen murtad, Said-Magomed Kakiyev, who declared that if the Kadyrovns use force against the Ingush participants of the rally in Nazran, his “Zapad” gang will attack Kadyrovans.


Meanwhile, the “Ingush OMON” took an active part in dispersing the rally.


Let us remind that Kakiyev’s gang “Vostok” is financing by the Zyazikov’s opponent, a well-known in Ingushetia, murtad a former assistant of General Kazantsev Musa Keligov, who has also funded the anti-Zyazikov’s rally in Nazran. Kakiyev at enmity with Ramzan Kadyrov, whom he announced as “blood feud enemy”.


However, once it became known that troops have been deployed to Nazran, Musa Keligov unexpectedly called for the lifting of the rally and postpone it to May. He justified his proposal with ridiculous assertion that Zyazikov and Mujahideen made an agreement to shoot the rally.


The Organizing Committee has expressed a public discontent to Keligova statement, accusing him of cowardice, and announced that rally will be held in any case.

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