Recent Crimes of Russian Neo-Nazis

January 2008, St. Petersburg. A group of neo-nazis beat a teenager belonging to the so called “emo sub-culture”, breaking his arm and causing brain concussion January 2008, Bryansk. Three times during the recent month (5, 7 and 20 January) neo-nazis attacked antifascist youth. 

4 January 2008, Tula. Three neo-nazi teenagers beat to death a teenage boy from Uzbekistan. 

10 January 2008, near Moscow. Neo-nazis beat an immigrant from Turkmenistan, breaking his rib and causing brain concussion. The man went to a hospital, but Russian doctors refused to treat him. Five days later his condition deteriorated and he was hospitalized to the reanimation ward of a Moscow hospital. 

10 January 2008, near Moscow. A group of young men armed with baseball bats entered a commuter bus riding from Novomoskovsk (Tula district) to Moscow. Neo-nazis beat and stabbed the passengers with knives. One of the nationalists shouted while beating an ethnic Ossetian passenger: “In Chechnya I was killing people like you”. 

11 January 2008, Moscow. Several Russian neo-nazis beat a man from Buryatia in a subway wagon at Turgenevskaya subway station. Russian passengers did not try to prevent the beating and even voiced satisfaction with the incident. 

12 January 2008, Lipetsk. A mass fight between neo-nazis and antifascists. 

12 January 2008, Novosibirsk. A group of neo-nazis armed with baseball-bats beat to death a man from Turkey. 

13 January 2008, St. Petersburg. A 22 y. o. immigrant from Kazakhstan was found dead in Pushkin district, in a forest 300 m from the Podbelskiy highway. The young man’s throat was cut, he was stabbed six times in the back, and a five-pointed star was cut by a knife on his chest. 

13 January 2008, Moscow. A student from Cameroon was beaten not far from his university in a pedestrian subway in the south-west of the city. As a result of the beatings, the young man received a head trauma and lost his consciousness. 

13 January 2008, N. Novgorod. Three neo-nazis attacked two immigrants from Uzbekistan, shouting “Death to Uzbeks! Russia for Russians! Uzbeks go away!”. 

12 January 2008, Bryansk. A mass fight between neo-nazis and antifascists. 

19 January 2008, St. Petersburg. On the Manezhnaya square around 10:00 PM a group of neo-nazis attacked teenagers belonging to another subculture. 

19 January 2008, N. Novgorod. Leaflets reading “Here will be no mosques! Here will be Russian landscape! Russian are coming!” were left by neo-nazis on doors and walls of the mosque. 

21 January 2008, Pervouralsk (Sverdlovsk district). A large group of neo-nazis attacked several other people in the center of the town.

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