Serb Army Gets Nod to Join Global Peace Ops

Bujanovac – Serbia’s Army has received a certificate to join military peace operations all over the world, especially in the medical field, says Defence Minister, Dragan Sutanovac.

Sutanovac, who attended a military medial exercise called Safe Way in Bujanovac spa in southern Serbia, which was joined by the armies of Macedonia and Norway, also announced that the Cepotina army base would be open by the end of the year.

“It will be the most modern facility of its kind in Serbia,” said Sutanovac.
Cepotina army base is located five kilometres from Bujanovac, in the border zone with Macedonia and Kosovo.

The Norwegian Army has given away a Light Field Hospital to Serbian Army’s medical corps, which was used in the exercise.

Genera Leif Svere Rosen, head of the Norwegian Army’s medical corps, said that colleagues from Serbia made an excellent impression on him regarding the quality of the services they performed.

Citizens had free access to the field hospital, where in the last five days doctors from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade carried out over 800 examinations.

The Safe Way exercise was commanded by Miodrag Jevtic, head of the Military Medical Academy from Belgrade, with military representatives from Norway, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Romania and Egypt in attendance.  

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