Kosovo Serbs Ignore Kosovo Independence Day

resizer64Moderate Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic said the Serbian minority in Kosovo would ignore the February 17 celebrations of Kosovo’s declaration of independence, as it did not recognise the secession from Serbia.

“No doubt Albanians will celebrate Feb. 17, but, regarding the Serbian community, we will ignore it just like we did a year ago. For us that independence didn’t happen. We are part of the Republic of Serbia and there won’t be any changes,” Ivanovic told Serbian broadcaster B92.

He criticised the Albanian-led authorities for not having a vision for economic development and for not
improving the overall security situation.

“Kosovo’s labour force is cheap but yet, nobody attracted any investments from abroad. Sooner or later these young people will end up on the street and the government won’t know how to deal with that,” said Ivanovic.

“What Kosovo government fails to understand is that people cannot eat independence,” he emphasised, adding that “organised crime is still very high and physical and legal insecurity is huge.”

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