Montenegro EU Evaluation Kicking Off In March

The European Union will most likely decide next month to give a mandate to the European Commission to start preparing the evaluation of Montenegro’s readiness to become EU candidate country.

Montenegro’s application for EU candidate status will be back on the table in the next foreign ministers’ meeting on March 16.

“I hope that we will achieve unanimity between member states”, Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg said in Brussels.

The EU decision on this issue doesn’t require unanimity of all member states. According to the sources from the Czech presidency, the necessary qualified majority already exists.

“However, we would like to achieve unanimity, although we don’t need it”, one Czech official told Balkan Insight. “We already have the majority for this issue”, this official added.

Montenegro submitted application for EU candidate country in Paris in December despite pressures coming form European capitals not to undertake the move. However, once the application was submitted, both the European Union and the European Commission welcomed it warmly.

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