CEDB, BSP, Ataka, MRF and UDF enter parliament if election were held today: poll

Sofia. If the parliamentary elections were held today, Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria /CEDB/, Bulgarian Socialist Party /BSP/, Ataka, Movement for Rights and Freedoms /MRF/ and Union of Democratic Forces /UDF/ would pass the threshold, director of the National Center for Study of Public Opinion Lidia Yordanova announced at a press conference.

It is very likely that Democrats for Strong Bulgaria /DSB/, National Movement for Stability and Progress /NMSP/, Movement FORWARD will also enter the next parliament.

When CEDB creates a situation in which the vote is not rational, but emotional, the party would win an absolute majority, she said.
Voters who would support BSP are by 9% less than those who would vote for CEDB. But if we take into account the people who would definitely vote for CEDB, the gap between the two parties would not exceed 6%, she said.

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