Serbia eyes Montenegro’s largest port


Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić on Tuesday said that Serbia is very interested in buying the port of Bar in Montenegro.

Mrkonjić told Podgorica television station Atlas that the Serbian industry is “very interested in the tender for the sale of the port”, adding that Serbia and Montenegro will also be working together to construct the Bar-Boljari-Kraljevo road.

“Without the Bar port, the Serbian industry does not have sea access, and that is a natural route. I expect that we will get that job, since we are the best candidate,” Mrkonjić said, adding that he wishes that Serbian Railways would “buy railway freight traffic through Montenegro”.

“On Thursday, Serbia and Montenegro will sign an agreement for transporting passengers and items in international road traffic, and we will lead preliminary, but very precise talks on joint participation of the two governments in constructing the Bar-Belgrade highway,” Mrkonjić said.

He said that “Serbia is completely determined and turned toward the realization of this highway”.

“Currently, all the documentation for the Belgrade-Čačak portion of the highway is being put together, and the work will begin from Serbia’s own funds on March 1, 2010,” he said.

The minister also announced that he would be meeting with Montenegrin Transportation Minister Andrija Lompar to talk about a joint participation with British and American banks, and, as he said, above all Turkish construction companies, for the realization of the Bar-Boljari highway, that is, the Boljar-Čačak stretch, as well as the portion from Ivanjica to Kraljevo.

“That is a project which we will work on together and for which many international companies have shown great interest,” Mrkonjić said.

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