Kosovo sends aid to Albania

The Kosovo government will send EUR 200,000 of aid to Albania to help cope with problems resulting from recent flooding.

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said that ’’this is only the start of aid for the brotherly nation and state of Albania.“

Along with the financial help, the government decided to increase the number of Kosovo Security Force officials and firefighters it will send to Albania to help with the consequences of the floods. Several days ago, Kosovo Security Force officials specializing in reacting to natural disasters were sent to Albania.

Serb officials in the Kosovo government offered help as well.

Kosovo Labor Minister Nenad Rašić said that the Serbian Liberal Party would give “modest aid.”

“As a political subject, we have gathered 10 jackets and we will send them as aid on Monday. We know that it is modest, but we wanted to show our solidarity,” he said.

Thaci called on municipal governments and citizens to gather funds to help the citizens of Albania as well.

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