EU Supports Safe, Dignified Return Of Syrian Refugees: Dan Stoenescu

Head of the EU Delegation to Syria, Dan Stoenescu, said on Tuesday that all the Syrians have the right to return home, “but the conditions are not yet in place.”

This came during a meeting that took place between Stoenescu and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filipo Grandi in Damascus on Tuesday.

Stoenescu affirmed the EU’s support for the ongoing work of the UNHCR in Syria, saying this has a “clear mandate to protect refugees & promote durable solutions to their [Syrian refugees] cause, including voluntary repatriation.”

He added that all Syrians have the right to return to their homes, but the conditions are not yet in place.

“What is required 1st is to create conditions for safe, voluntary & dignified return of refugees & the internally displaced, in accordance w/ Int law & the principle of non-refoulment,” he tweeted.

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