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Fatah official optimistic about Egypt-brokered Palestinian dialogue

CAIRO, Sept. 23 – A senior official of the Palestinian Fatah movement said here on Tuesday that he is optimistic about the success of an Egypt-brokered inter-Palestinian national dialogue to end the current crisis among the Palestinians.

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As peace talks sputter, Israelis and Palestinians eye Plan B

Over the past two decades of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, deadlines for peace agreements have come and gone with precious few treaties. Now, amid low expectations for an agreement before the expiration of the Bush administration’s target for an accord by the end of 2008, voices are growing on both sides advocating …

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World Bank study confirms Israel is strangling Palestinian economy

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Burdened by Israeli restrictions that paralyze the economy of the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Palestinians have become more and more reliant on outside assistance, the World Bank said on Wednesday. “As the Palestinian economy declines, it is becoming increasingly dependent on foreign aid,” the bank …

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