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The Cost of Russia’s Friendship With Azerbaijan

Amid the war in Ukraine, Azerbaijan has become an essential partner for Russia when it comes to both energy exports, and keeping open a transport corridor to Iran. Azerbaijan has managed to achieve something thought to be impossible in the post-Soviet space: the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers ahead of time, …

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Galilee Forces

Established In: 2012 Established By: Fadi al-Mellah; Abu Ali Badran; Munir Abboud (Badr Brigades commander) Also Known As: Quwat al-Jalil; Galilee Forces – Lone Wolves; Country Of Origin: Syria Leaders: Fadi al-Mellah; Munir Abboud; Operational Area: Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip; Number Of Members: 4,800 Involved In: Suicide attacks, Terrorist attacks, …

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France sends troops to Ukraine: Russian report

Will the deployment of a Foreign Legion unit commanded by French officers trigger a wider European war? France has sent its first troops officially to Ukraine – the soldiers drawn from France’s 3rd Infantry Regiment, which is one of the main elements of France’s Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère), deployed in …

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