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Thinking About the Unthinkable in Ukraine

What Happens If Putin Goes Nuclear? As the war in Ukraine rages on, Russian President Vladimir Putin has engaged in nuclear saber rattling. “Whoever tries to impede us, let alone create threats for our country and its people, must know that the Russian response will be immediate and lead to …

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China Has Lost India

How Beijing’s Aggression Pushed New Delhi to the West In June 2020, the Chinese and Indian militaries clashed in the Galwan Valley, a rugged and remote area along the disputed border between the two countries. Twenty Indian and at least four Chinese soldiers were killed, and debate flared about the …

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The Downside of Imperial Collapse   

When Empires or Great Powers Fall, Chaos and War Rise Wars are historical hinges. And misbegotten wars, when serving as culmination points of more general national decline, can be fatal. This is particularly true for empires. The Habsburg empire, which ruled over central Europe for hundreds of years, might have …

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