Iranian Envoy Calls for Stronger Ties with Pakistan

A0255604.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iranian Consul General Saeed Kharazi on Saturday called for stronger bilateral ties between the peoples and governments of Iran and Pakistan.Addressing a press conference at Khane-ye-Farhang on the 29th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, he also called for maximum cooperation between all Muslim countries, urging them to cooperate in every field of life. “Pakistan and Iran can play important roles in strengthening the region,” he said. “The people of Pakistan and Iran are one.”

He said Pakistan was the top priority for Iran as far as its foreign policy was concerned and the country (Iran) was interested in promoting cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

He said Iran had launched mega projects, such as the gas pipeline and export of electricity to Pakistan. He added that Iran had benefited from its earlier endeavors in Pakistan and wanted to continue the bilateral cooperation.

He said the ongoing war on terror seemed an attack on Islamic countries, aiming “to damage the unity of the Muslim countries”.

He added that the war seemed to aim at “hitting the peaceful spirit, unity and objectives of the Islamic revolution, like in Iran”.

When asked what Iran thought of Pakistan’s support in difficult times since the US was the latter’s ally and Iran’s enemy, Kharazi said every country had its own foreign policy, adding, “However, we believe no foreign policy should be based on harming other countries.”

Kharazi said the current government of Iran was passing some important messages all over the world which were based on the true spirit of the Iranian revolution, such as: Impact Justice at the Global Level, Help the oppressed and Achieve Highest Landmark in National Development, etc.

The Iranian envoy said the Iranians were focused on the economic development of their country.

“Iran takes pride in always being ready to extend its hand of friendship to all countries, especially to the neighboring Islamic countries. We are ready to share our achievements with them,” he continued.

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