President Highlights Iran’s Tourism Potentials

A009543016.jpgPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on officials to provide the required facilities and possibilities for hosting foreign tourists, saying that all the world nations are keen on visiting Iran. Addressing the international conference on ‘Investment Opportunities in Iran’s Tourism Industry’ here on Saturday, the president described Iran as the best tourist destination in the world, in terms of cultural heritage and natural sites, and said that Iran does not view tourism as a source of income.

“We believe tourism is a step towards affinity of hearts in the human community and we believe what is done by those involved in the tourism industry is very precious, holy and admirable,” he continued.

Also noting the significance and value of the tourism industry, Ahmadinejad described investment in the tourism industry as much important and valuable, and said, “Today Iran is at the center of the nations’ attention and the world people are interested in visiting the different parts of Iran; due to the same reason, the needed facilities and possibilities should be provided for tourists.”

The president further voiced government’s full support for investment in the different parts of the tourism industry, and said, “Iran is a piece of human history and belongs to all justice-seeking, idealistic and pure nations and humans and it has unique particulars for tourists.”

He said that his country has already developed the required infrastructures in the tourism sector to host tourists from the four corners of the world.

Elsewhere, the president pointed to the Iranian nation’s 7,000 year-old culture and civilization and its decisive role in shaping civilizations across the world, saying that the Iranian culture and civilization could be traced down in every part of the world.

“Every part of the world, where a civilization has emerged, had enjoyed support from Iran. Whenever hands have been extended to Iran for help, the Iranian nation has done generously.”

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