Iran Has Different Agendas on Table to Defend Itself

A03437407.jpgIran said on Wednesday that it has and will take the needed options to defend itself against western powers, particularly the US. “To defend itself against the pressures and threats posed by the US-led world arrogance, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take all the needed options,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said in clear reference to the recent statements made by his US counterpart that Washington has not ruled out any specific option in dealing with Iran.

“The belligerent Neocons of the US should be careful because Iran’s response to their measures would go beyond their imaginations and predictions,” he continued.

Meantime, the minister underlined that Iran is a peace and justice-seeking country which favors logic, dialogue and diplomacy and opposes bullying, hegemony, terrorism, occupation and usurpation of humans’ rights.

Najjar reiterated that his country’s nuclear issue should be resolved at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), adding, “And the political approach of the Untied States, which speaks of the use of other options very frequently, lacks legality and is a violation of the international regulations.”

He also underlined the peaceful drive of Iran’s nuclear programs, saying that Tehran has proved its quest for nuclear technology is merely aimed at peaceful purposes.

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