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Postul arab de televiziune Al-Jazeera a dat publicităţii o înregistrare audio cu liderul reÅ£elei teroriste Al Qaida, Osama bin Laden. ÃŽn mesaj, el acuză Occidentul că duce un război împotriva Islamului. Bin Laden cere de altfel boicotarea tuturor produselor americane ÅŸi pe cele din ţările solidare Danemarcei în scandalul privind …

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Blasts rock Egyptian Sinai resort, 30 killed

Three explosions struck the Egyptian Sinai resort town of Dahab on Monday night, killing more than 30 people and wounding 150 others. The blasts took place at about 7:15 p.m. local time (1315 EDT) in an area frequented by tourists. The Egyptian Interior Ministry said the explosions hit the Nelson and Aladdin …

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Is an Iraq-style regime change possible in Iran?

In a development similar to the incidents leading to the catastrophic U.S.-led war against Iraq, some American media outlets recently launched an anti-Iran propaganda campaign, which includes calls for regime change. This development follows the recent approval of million dollars by the U.S. congress to fund anti-Iranian activities as well …

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