Serbia denies negotiations on Mladic arrest


Rasim Ljajic, head of Serbia’s National Council for Co-operation with The Hague war crimes tribunal (ICTY), rejected Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) media reports Tuesday (June 16th) that alleged it has been holding negotiations on the arrest of war crimes fugitive Ratko Mladic.

Ljajic also refuted speculations that Mladic had been caught in the northern BiH town of Tuzla earlier this week. According to the reports, Serbia tried to convince Republika Srpska’s Prime Minister Milorad Dodik during a trip to Belgrade this week to take war crime fugitive Ratko Mladic to BiH and organise his arrest.

“Ratko Mladic has unfortunately not yet been located,” said Ljajic. Mladic’s arrest is a stumbling block for Serbia, and will lead to closer EU integration.

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